• He dared Vatican

    He dared Vatican

    This movie was made for Yahoo! Videos from the United States, via StoryHunterTV from New York, and narrates the story of a Brazilian priest who dared catholic church and the...


  • Corporate


    This film was made to Odebrecht Constructions and shows its works around the world. It took several months of work in different countries and conditions....


  • Aí cheguei ó !

    Aí cheguei ó !

    This is a non commercial film. This is a sample, a draft, a trailer of a project to a serie of documentaries to TV. Copyright Biblioteca Nacional: 4527/16...




    This project is for a series of documentaries that tells about skydiving, this radical sport. Shows the routine of Paulo Assis, Brazilian skydiver, that among routine in his school of...




    As GOD is the main character in 9 out of 10 conflicts in the world today, be in large armed conflicts between countries, or in urban conflicts in large cosmopolitan...


  • Soccer and Crochet

    Soccer and Crochet

    This film made to Yahoo! tells the story of a smart Brazilian guy who brought from Australia a sport called footbag. Here, he mixed it with three more sports and...


  • The Excommunicated

    The Excommunicated

    WINNER AS “BEST FILM” in the RNA 2015 Documentaries Contest, in  Philadelphia, USA, THE EXCOMMUNICATED tells the story of Father Beto, a priest from the interior of Brazil, who was...


  • World Forum for Peace and Sustainable Development

    World Forum for Peace and Sustainable De

    Video for the “World Forum on Tourism, Peace and Sustainable Development”, a movement initiated by the Brazilian government with the support of entities such as UN, World Tourism Organization, UNESCO,...


  • Webdocumentary – EL PAYS

    Webdocumentary – EL PAYS

    This is a documentary made to EL PAYS website about the role played for spanish organizations in Brazil in underserved areas....